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Ballad of an Angry Young Man - Depo-Provera
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Brainwash - Depo-Provera
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Vocals: Mark "Hutch" Huchthausen

Guitar: Jamie Shimon

Bass: Pat Wanish

Drums: Donny Wheelock


Upon returning from a summer in the Wisconsin Dells in 1983, Jamie Shimon had a chance meeting with Pat Wanish outside the Mid-Cities Mall in begat Depo-Provera.  Friends and local hepsters Hutch (vocals) and Daniel (drums) fell in and the group spent the next  year "composing" a batch of songs and playing modestly attended shows in Northern WI.  Jamie's planned departure to Madison in the Fall of '84 complicated the future of the group, but an offer to make an LP out forth by Brian Trash was too good to pass on.  The album, Totally Useless,  was released in 1985 but the group soon dissolved amid typical post-teen dramatic chaos.  That summer the band resurfaced with a new singer known as Rev. Norb Elmo Ugly LXIX.  A proposed band name change never happened; the star power (Ha!) of the Depo moniker was instead exploited  and the band carried on until the Fall of '89, pursuing a more rock'n'roll musical course and abandoning some of the musical stylings presented on the Totally Useless album. In the interim, Donny took over drum duties...the end.


Depo-Provera biography provided by James Shimon on June 4, 2015;;






No Repsonse

Vocals: Jim Runge

Guitar: Steve Fay

Guitar: Jeff Fay

Drums: Queeve


1982. Green Bay was not a great place to be from in the early 80s. Reagan was president. It was stated, that for the first time in the history of the nation, our generation wouldn't do as well as our parents. The Packers (the only thing the city had to brag about) hadn't won in years. Green Bay had a fledgling punk scene, but that seemed to go away a few years earlier. Then there were 5. Norb Rozek, Rob, Kirk Wall, Jim Runge and Gary Farrell. Three different high schools. Five kids that didn't fit in. Five kids that went on to form three different bands that started the Green Bay hardcore movement, because we had nothing else to do. Those bands were the legendary Suburban Mutilation (you all know about them), The Art Thieves and No Response.


This story is about No Response. A few years earlier Jim (Jim "Runge" Mature) was introduced, by his cousin, to a tall lanky recent high school graduate from a small rural town. This guy was Steve Fay. Steve had just taken the Greyhound to California and immersed himself into a fledgling hardcore scene. He came back with stories of the bands and people he had met. Steve had a cousin, Jeff Fay, who Steve had been playing guitar with for years. Jim, Steve and Jeff decided to start a band, because there was nothing else to do beyond their minimum wage jobs. They decided to forgo a bass player, as there were none and they couldn't come up with a good reason as to why they needed one. The missing piece was a drummer. Somehow, they enlisted Kurt Schriener to join them. Kurt had been a part of the early Green Bay punk scene. They started rehearsing in Steve and Jeff's apartment basement in late 1982. They found their musical voice early on. The fusion of early punk, hard rock and current hardcore came to form a sound that was loud, fast and blistering. Jim, eventually, developed a screaming vocal style, ala Dan Kubinski of Die Kruezen. They started covering a few songs by Black Flag, Sex Pistols and other punk bands, but eventually started writing their own songs. The songs covered all the subjects of the day from social commentary to politics. Eventually, Kurt moved on to other things and the band was without a drummer. Eventually, Queeve Oliejnicak decided to fill in with No Response for a bit. Things seemed to click with Queeve in the mix and he became a full time member.


In 83/84, the band recorded a tape in Jim's parent's basement. It was recorded on a boom box with Jim screaming through a Crate amp, while crouching under his father's work bench. They sold the tape for $1, by mail order, and sold over a thousand of them. There were plans for extensive touring, but they never made it out of Wisconsin. They got the chance to open for many of their favorite bands and play to many people across Wisconsin. In late 1984, they all went their separate ways. They have since done a couple of reunion shows. Their early demo was pressed onto vinyl in 2012 by the How Much Art Can You Take label and they recorded the new Even More Noise Polution From Green Bay EP in 2010 without Jim.


No Response biography provided by Jim Runge on June 2, 2015

Plastics - No Response
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No Future Blues - No Response
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Party's Over - Moral Disgust
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All Good Businessmen - Moral Disgust
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Moral Disgust

Moral Disgust was theproduct of a few friends who grew up in the late1970's in Kimberly Wisconsin and loved the music being labeled "Punk Rock". Jeff DeGoey, Jeff Priebe, and Timm Buechler had already formed a couple of bands when in 1982 when Jeff and Jeff formed a new band with Priebe's brother Brad to play a heavier version of punk than they had before...Brad named the band Moral Disgust.  Jeff, Jeff, and Timm would later return to their original plan as Rebel Waltz later in the 80's. 


Moral Disgust hit full stride when they moved to Oshkosh and got Dave Moore on drums in 1983.  Playing songs written by all four members, Moral Disgust started travelling to Green Bay and other Wisconsin cities for shows quite often from '83-'87.  This was a great period for Wisconsin punk with most touring bands playing somewhere in the state.  Moral Disgust went through many line-up changes.  Brad Priebe was replaced by Jeff DeGoey on vocals who was later replaced by Sal Serio.  Jeff Priebe was replaced by Eric Liddell on bass who was then replaced by Paul Greshar.  Through it all Jeff DeGoey on guitar and Dave Moore on drums remained constant. 


In the time Moral Disgust was together they shared the stage with such bands as Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Husker Du, Crucifucks, Die Kreuzen, The Necros, The Dicks, Toxic Reasons, Rhythm Pigs, Capitol Punishment, and many many more.  Moral Disgust released a cassette in 1987 called "Archaeology/Anthology" and appeared a few times on the Maximum Rock 'n' Roll radio show.  There have been a few Moral Disgust reunions in modern times with the most recent happening in 2015 in San Diego as Jeff DeGoey, Dave Moore, and Eric Liddell tore through the old set 1984 style.


These three are already planning the next assault.


Moral Disgust biography provided by Jeff DeGoey on June 4, 2015

The Minors

In 1978, a group of Green Bay kids, Scott Juranitch - guitar, Dan DeMars - drums, Tom Schauer - guitar and Jim Lukes - guitar, would get together to play music at the Juranitch home. In the fall of that school year, they recruited Dan Dillon to take on the role of singer. Another group, including Dan and Dave Lautenslager - guitar and drums, respectively and Mike Borths - bass, would also occasionally get together to jam with the others. Together, the unnamed, loosely organized "bands" played cover material from bands they were each individually interested in.


In the early spring of 1979, guitarist Bret Starr and singer Ed Guerriero of DePere Wisconsin recruited DeMars, Lukes and Mike Borths to form a band that would become known as the Tyrants.


Fellow Green Bay classmate, John "Myron" Hansen would soon join Juranitch and Dillon as drummer bringing along two Ashwaubenon residents, Ross Bilideau - guitar and Nick Knuth - bass. Together, these five, 15 and 16 year old kids would become "The Minors", named (somewhat sarcastically) because they were unable to play in bars and clubs without having a parent accompany them.


From it's inception, The Minors were far more interested in playing original material and choosing to play cover material with their own unique Minors take.


In the fall of 1980, due to creative differences, Knuth left the band and was replaced by the Tyrants bassist, Mike Borths. Bassist Ken Dennison, formerly of The Vandals was to join the Tyrants as their new bass player.


The Minors biography provided by Dan Dillon on June 25, 2015.

Waves Have Hit - The Minors
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Beat on the Brat - The Minors
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