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Interview Stills

In the making of this film, we've conducted over 75 interviews.  Our first interview took place in late December of 2012 and our first interviewee was Jim Runge, lead singer of No Response.  Since then, we've knocked off over seventy-five more.  Every interview took place in the great state of Wisconsin in varying locations: Green Bay, Neenah, Appleton, Oshkosh, Sussex...even Cudahy.  So, one of the cool ways to give you an idea who we interviewed and where, is to provide the occasional screen shot from these interviews.  Below are the fifteen that have made their way to our Facebook page so far.  When new stills are added in the future we'll add an update...

Ed Guerriero (Tyrants)
Colin and Kirk Wall (Art Thieves)
Depo-Provera interview
Doc Roc's rock room
Jeff Degoey (Moral Disgust)
James Shimon (No & Depo-Provera)
Jim Runge (No Response)
Jackie Ploor & Jody Barnes
Queeve (SUM & No Response)
The Minors interview session
Ron Kispert & Erik Lee (MOM)
Depo-Provera second interview
Steve & Jeff Fay (No Response)
Paul Wanish interview
Dave Smalley
Darby interview
Bill Tresler
Chris Pretti
Archive photos

One of the first things we did when we started making this film was to collect ANY and EVERY photo related to Green Bay punk rock history we could get our hands on.  And, the fans of the Green Bay punk scene really came through for us!!  So...what you will see below is a small fraction of the photos we aquired along the way.  These are the photos that have been posted on our Facebook page to date.  And anytime we add photos, we'll make sure to plug the new arrivals on the front page.  Take some time to thumb through what we have...maybe even some were contributed by YOU!

Tyrants at Brown County Fair
The Minors
Milton and the Pop Tartz
Minors & Tyrants at the Bamboo Room
Perry and Norb Washinton Jr High
Northside Bowling Lanes
The Jump Boys
Suburban Mutilation
No Response
Sacred Order from Milwaukee
The Art Thieves
The Mess Pete & Karm
Tempermental Psychotics
Art Thieves Rob & Kirk
Gary of Suburban Mutilation
Jeff Ferris of Deadly Rite
Jim Runge of No Response
Jeff DeGoey of Moral Disgust
Blood Spasm
No Response
Toxic Reasons
Sick Teen front cover
Building Pretti's half pipe
Prisoners of Society mall show
Never Louder Than Lovely
Mutual Hate.jpg
SNFU at ABC Boxing
The Duanes
Dino & Brian
Depo-Provera at Lower Level
Jamie from Depo-Provera
Brendan Dirkman
Dead Kennedys at Riverside
Soul Asylum at UWGB
Circle Jerks at Kutska's
The Byrons
Mark, Darby & Troy Bludgeon
Black Flag
Doughboys at ABC
ALL at Kutska's
Crowd at Kutska's
Slam Dancing
No Response
Podcast Interview
Imminent Attack
The Dickies
The Rat Eaters
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